Trail Conditions

Tuesday, March28th

I think it’s safe to say the ski season here at Pigeon Lake is essentially over. Tracks are icy and disappearing fast. Although it’s been a pretty sketchy winter, as far as skiable snow was concerned, there were some pretty awsome ski days. 

Have a great summer and don’t forget these trails are great for hikin' and bikin’ as well!

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Thursday,March 23rd

Still skiing here at PLPP. Ground showing in a couple of spots and a few icy patches to watch out for but overall pretty good spring skiing. Won’t last long though with warmer temps on the way.

Monday, March 20th

Happy Spring and, thanks to a light skiff of snow last night, trails at PLPP are in good shape. Possibly some of the best skiing this season!

Sunday, March 19th

Trails at Pigeon Lake remain skiable. Rundle’s has a few bare spots that can be bi-passed and PLPP is in nice shape with no bare spots. we had a light skiff of snow last night which greatly helped to prolong the season.

I’ve been using Swix blue universal klister and have heard reports that waxless skis are working good as well.                                                                 

Friday, March17th

Trails at Pigeon Lake Provincial Park and Rundle’s Mission are still skiable.
Great Klister skiing. Should last at least into next week. Check our website for more up to date info as the days go by.

Saturday, March 11th

Trails at Pigeon Lake have been packed, groomed and trackset. 
Conditions are excellent at this time and we should be skiing for at least three or four more days here. Better grab it while you can!

Saturday, February 25th

Well, we’re back in the track, albeit skied in tracks, but nevertheless, on the boards again!
A couple of inches of new snow has freshened up our trails here at Pigeon Lake.
 If this trend continues, conditions will only improve and hopefully there will be a few more
weeks of good skiing left in the season.   Have a great what’s left of the weekend.

Friday, February 10th

Yesterday was a good day. The Pigeon Lake area received just enough snow to allow grooming and tracksetting.
PLPP is in great shape and Rundle’s Mission will be worked over tomorrow morning. It’s shaping up to be a great weekend of skiing but you’ll have to grab it while you can. 

Friday, January 13th

Trails at Pigeon Lake have been trackset.                 Ski conditions at both Rundle’s and PLPP are going to be absolutely fabulous for the next couple of days.   Let’s have some fun!  

Sunday, January 1st, 2017

Good morning and Happy New Year to All 

I’m happy to report that ski trails a Pigeon Lake and Rundle’s Mission have been trackset. Hopefully conditions will improve, considering all the snowmobile traffic, when regular grooming and tracksetting resume in the near future. 

If you encounter sled traffic on the trails please respectfully ask the perpetrator(s) to cease and desist and leave the trail immediately the way they entered. If possible, record and/or take pictures of the perps including (most important of all) their licence plate. 

Contact our Conservation Officer, Kevin Rowsell at 403-391-0911, as soon as possible. You can also contact the Park Enforcement Line at 403-350-5066 to report the incident. 

Apart from all that, please make the effort to get out and enjoy the wonderful outdoors as often as possible this winter. We’re off to a great start this year and we are so lucky to have these beautiful areas to ski/hike/snowshoe and enjoy nature at it’s best. 

Best wishes to all….. Mike 

Friday, December 22, 2016

Unfortunately, ski trails at Pigeon Lake are pretty thin and user tracked. Not expecting any siginificant amount of snow before Christmas but could see some by New Years.                       Trails will be groomed and trackset the moment conditions improve.                                                

Best of the Season to All 

 Sunday, January 17th

Ski trails at Pigeon Lake have been groomed and trackset. Excellent ski conditions are expected to last at least to the weekend.

We have a new refurbished website. Check it out if you have a minute.

PLNSC wishes everyone many happy trails in the New Year

Saturday, January 9th 2016

Trails at Pigeon Lake Provincial Park and Rundle's Mission remain in great shape.

Received a couple of cm’s of light snow over the past few days and tracks are skiing in nicely.

Please note that we are set up for classic skiing only.

Thursday, December 31

Ski trails at Pigeon Lake are still in great shape and the weather forecast is promising moderate temperatures in the near future. 

Let's hope it holds and doesn't get too warm.

Happy New Year to all….. Mike

Thursday, December 24th

Ski trails at Pigeon Lake Provincial Park and Rundle's Mission have been groomed and trackset.

It has been snowing all morning, with more to come.

Trail conditions at Pigeon Lake are excellent and will probably remain so well into next week.

Don't forget to try the trail at White's Hidden Springs Retreat. Give Barbara a call at 780-682-2480.

Have a great Christmas and come on out and give our trails a whirl.

Sunday, December 13th

Good morning. Ski trails at Pigeon Lake Provincial Park and Rundle's Mission have been trackset. 

Both trails are in excellent shape with Rundle's just a tad thin in a couple of spots.

Let's hope favorable conditions hold up at least into the new year.

Have a great day….. Mike

Saturday, November 28th, 2015

Welcome to a brand new season of Cross Country Skiing at Beautiful Pigeon Lake.

Ski conditions at Pigeon Lake and Rundle's Mission are good with user tracked trails. Grooming will commence when daytime temperatures stabilize below zero.

Have a great weekend!!

PLNSC 2016